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Revolutionizing Safety in Education: The Role of X-Ray Security Solutions in Schools and Universities

The society has recently been confronted with an unwelcome reality: an increase in threats and acts of violence in schools and public areas. Individuals' safety and well-being in these contexts have become top priorities for parents, educators, and authorities. To address this pressing issue, innovative technologies such as LINEV Systems' X-Ray Security Screening Systems have emerged as important instruments for detecting and preventing potential attacks. This blog article will discuss the critical necessity to equip schools and public areas with innovative security solutions, highlighting the features and benefits they provide in terms of increased safety.

The Growing Need for Enhanced Security

Incidents of violence, especially mass shootings, in schools and other places have escalated substantially over the years, creating a fearful and concerned environment. This growing need for better security measures cannot be overlooked. Metal detectors, for example, have limits and may not be sufficient to meet the intricacies and diversity of possible dangers. X-Ray Security Screening Systems give a comprehensive solution to these increasing difficulties by providing efficient and non-intrusive screening of individuals and their items.


High resolution, X-ray baggage and parcel inspection system complete with smart artificial intelligence and detection software

The BV 6045 is a high-resolution single-view X-ray baggage screening system that can detect prohibited items and threats automatically. With a width of 610 mm and a height of 450 mm, the tunnel is ideal for screening luggage, bags, carry-on luggage, and deliveries. The system can be utilized at key infrastructure checkpoints, law enforcement and security agencies, customs and border patrol, hotels, event centers, educational facilities, sports arenas, and other areas where screening systems must be reliable and continuous. The BV 6045 can recognize guns, explosives, narcotics, and other dangerous or illegal objects. Color palettes that are unique and touch operation provide an extraordinary level of operator efficiency.


  • TIP software for monitoring operator vigilance
  • Secure login
  • Multi-level user access with the ability to administer users, roles and access levels
  • Viewing X-ray images from a previous session
  • Quick view of the last 10 images (configurable parameter)
  • Modes of operation: scanning with a stop of the conveyor after each object or without stopping, with the possibility of returning the object after scanning
  • Automatic warming up of the X-ray generator during prolonged idle time (no warming up is required during daily operation of the System)
  • Automatic storage of X-ray images in the archive
  • Baggage counter
  • Display of date and time, unit serial number and operator IDMultilingual interface
  • Display of software version and serial number of the System
  • Display of user login time and duration of the current session


X-ray baggage inspection system

The LINEV Systems parcel and baggage inspection solutions, the BV 5030 and BV 6045, are low-cost X-ray inspection systems for checkpoints, baggage, and small cargo that are specifically intended to fulfill the needs of airports, customs facilities, carriers, and parcel services. The BV 5030 is a single-view, high-resolution X-ray bag inspection device that can automatically detect forbidden objects or threats. The tunnel, which measures 520mm in width and 320mm in height, is suitable for inspecting luggage, bags, hand baggage, and deliveries.The System can be employed in critical infrastructure inspection points, law enforcement and security agencies such as customs and border guards, schools, universities, sports arenas, and hotels. The BV-5030 enables the identification and tracking of explosives, drugs, weapons, and other prohibited or dangerous items. Unique color palettes, touch control and an exceptional level of operator productivity are provided by the BV 5030.


  • Artificial Intelligence software system for automated detection of firearms, knives and ammunition
  • Additional (2nd) monitor
  • Touchscreen operation functionality
  • Ability to connect to a local network
  • Remote operator position (up to 25 m)
  • Monitor top position

Enhancing Safety with X-Ray Security Solutions:

Advanced Threat Detection:
When compared to standard security systems, X-Ray Security Screening Systems provide improved threat detection capabilities. These systems use cutting-edge technology to generate high-resolution photographs that can detect hidden guns, explosives, and other potentially harmful materials. These technologies use X-ray technology to provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of potential threats.

Non-Intrusive and Efficient Screening:
One of the primary benefits of X-Ray Security Screening Systems is that they are non-intrusive. These methods, as opposed to pat-downs or manual bag inspections, provide for speedy and complete screening without physical touch. Individuals can simply pass through the screening procedure, enabling for a more efficient and speedier flow of people through checkpoints. This is especially important in high-traffic locations like schools and public spaces, where smooth operation is critical.

Versatility and Customization:
LINEV Systems' X-Ray Security Screening Systems are developed to meet the specific needs of various locations. They can be customized to fit a variety of space constraints, from small school entrances to enormous public events. For a more comprehensive security network, these solutions can also be linked with existing security infrastructure, such as access control systems and surveillance cameras.

Deterrence and Prevention:
By implementing X-Ray Security Screening Systems, schools and public spaces not only enhance their ability to detect threats but also act as a powerful deterrent. The visible presence of advanced security measures can discourage potential perpetrators from carrying out harmful acts, contributing to a safer environment for all individuals present. Proactive prevention measures are crucial in minimizing the risk of violence and ensuring the well-being of students, visitors, and staff.

In today's ever-changing environment, guaranteeing such security necessitates more than traditional methods. This is where LINEV Systems' X-ray security systems, a modern and unique approach to safety in educational contexts, come into play. The LINEV Systems BV 5030 and BV 6045 allow for the effective inspection of baggage, parcels, and other goods to ensure that no harmful materials access the school grounds, providing an additional layer of protection. Schools and institutions can drastically improve their safety standards using LINEV Systems' X-ray security solution, giving parents more peace of mind. It demonstrates the institution's commitment to providing a safe learning environment in which every student can focus on their growth and development without fear of harm.