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How We Work

We live in a golden age of high technologies and innovations, in an era when digital technologies, computer vision, and artificial intelligence are altering the foundations of human existence, enabling the implementation of widespread, seemingly unfeasible ideas. 

When a potential client gets in touch with us, we first formulate the issue and then decide on the best course of action together.

Constructive feedback from customers permits us to offer distinctive solutions and develop or upgrade products more quickly than competitors. The LINEV Group involves clients, both present and potential, as well as partners from around the world in the process of research, development, and production through creation of technologically unique products.

Professor Linev works with teams of independent, highly motivated leaders, and he offers them special possibilities for self-realization, professional growth, and promotion in their careers.

The focus of the company is not simply on earning money; actually, it is on tackling important problems and improving the world. Employees are well aware of the significant economic and social impact of the business.

High-tech innovations with a focus on the customer generate major competitive advantages, which are frequently altering the market environment, and create new niches.

The primary importance of human life is safety and health.

The protection of human life and health always remains the first priority in the search for fundamental, technological solutions.

Ensuring security implies protecting  the vital concerns of the individual, society, and state from potential criminal threats, smuggling, and terrorism.

Non-destructive quality control of products, industrial products, and other objects, based on the digital visualization of penetrating X-ray radiation, allows manufacturers to efficiently ensure the highest safety and quality standards while preserving the environment.

What We Need

Innovations partnerships to develop future technologies.

We are aware of the idea that cooperation and partnerships are essential to accelerating innovation for our clients, our industry, and society. Innovative concepts that can foresee product changes before they occur help us to provide solutions to customers even before they perceive a need for them. This is innovation that exceeds customer expectations.

While using a unique innovation ecosystem and a flexible business model, our innovation strategy always keeps the demands of the client at its core. We innovate in order to offer value-adding solutions to the most pressing problems of our clients, and we're constantly eager to take on new problems.

Our approach

Innovatively driven
The LINEV Group has become a global leader in cutting-edge high-tech solutions based on X-ray technology to protect the safety and security of human life based on disruptive innovation.

Sometimes challenges, which our customers bring to us cannot be resolved by using common products or methods. We are taking charge of solving client issues and make sure that, working together, we find an innovative solution to each particular customer's require that goes above and beyond.

Our new innovation ecosystem is a platform that offers a unique opportunity to use boundless resources and latest digital technologies for practical implementation of innovative concepts intended to successfully tackle the challenges that our customers and society come across for the safety, health, and the improvement of the quality of human life.

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