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Vehicle Three-Projection X-ray Inspection

Innovative technology

The three projection system is a dual-energy X-ray scanner with a detection system designed with innovative technology. 

Three projection scanner is equipped with two types of X-ray sources:

  • А High-Energy source for semitrailer screening
  • А Low-Energy source for high-resolution images of cars, buses, cabins of truck, containers, semitrailers and people’s compartment screening

It is designed for inspection of all types of cars, buses, loaded vehicles (container or general cargo) for identification of the cargo compliance to the transportation detection of contraband, illegal drugs, weapons. High-Energy source is used to penetrate very density objects and areas inside the truck like fuel tanks, frames, containers with goods and a Low-Energy X-ray source is intended to receive a contrast, high resolution image with good material discrimination. It helps to detect items hidden inside the refrigerator of containers, fuel tanks, inside the driver cabin, in the wheels.

Low-Energy X-ray image
Low-Energy X-ray image
High-Energy X-ray image
High-Energy X-ray image
High resolution Low-Energy image with protector wheels and smallest detail
High resolution Low-Energy image with protector wheels and smallest detail

Using three X-ray energy sources, the system provides three different view angles, which noticeably improve detection capabilities, eliminating any ‘blind zones’ at the inspected vehicle. Using a dual-energy technology, the system provides a color coding for materials separation allowing the distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials.

Z-effective range Category Example
0 - 7 narcotics heroin, cocaine, LSD, fat, soap, nylon, fuel, alcohol, plastic
7 - 10 explosives polyvinylidene fluoride, RDX, TNT, plastid
10 - 14 precious stones sapphires, rubies, glass
14 - 18 mineral substances polyvinyl chloride, bone, gypsum, salt
18 - 22 inorganic substances copper sulfate
22 - 35 ferrous metals brass, steel
35 and more precious metals gold, platinum

Advantages of three projection X-ray inspection

The advantages of dual energy technology are illustrated at example below. Actually, the dual energy technology means that scanned object is penetrated with a short-length alternating pulses of different energy. Due to the well-known effect that the X-ray beams absorption degree of the different materials depends on the radiation power and penetrates through the object with different power, it is possible to measure its absorption degree and determine the material from which the object is made.

High-Energy color coding
Low energy color coding
High-Energy color coding
High-Energy color coding
High-Energy color coding
High-Energy color coding

Thanks to patented technology we can guarantee this low radiation dose (<0.25 μSv/scan) that allows driver to remain in a truck cabin during the scanning process.

Option Three projections One projection Benefits
Dual view + - The additional low energy projections significantly improve detection capabilities eliminating “the blind zones” of an inspected vehicle. Dual-view option increase chances to find contraband goods, narcotics or weapons in most hiding places (as double walls and floor). Also, it helps operators faster interpret the type of cargo and count number of packages
Cabin scanning option + - The driver's cabin is scanned low energy x-ray generator therefore driver can stay in their vehicles during scanning operations
Visualization level of container content High Middle Analyst available high level of visualization of cargo content that helps indicate small items and increase level of inspection both cargo and walls of container
Quality of X-ray images High Middle Using patent technology system show height quality images and show more objects and details
Level of threats detected High Middle System provides the high spatial resolution, detectability and contrasts sensitivity
Color coding 7 colors 3 colors More detail distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metal materials

Proposed systems have important performance capabilities which support and complement strategical and logistical requirements of typical custom control or security service:

  • Scanning all types of vehicles with innovative drive-through scanning technology - a special scanning algorithm, where the driver's cab is not exposed with X-ray beams, or scanned with a low-energy source, allows trucks to move with they own power through the scanning area. The proposed complex is capable to make a full scan of any vehicles without harming the health of drivers and passengers: scanning of any vehicle performed using low-energy radiation sources in vertical and lateral projections, while scanning of truck body, semi-trailers, truck trailers and cargo, which has a high X-ray absorption capacity, is performed using a high-energy source - thus, a safe and complete scan of any vehicle is carried out, while the maximum dose to the driver does not exceed 0.25 μSv per scan, even when cabin is scanned.

  • Artificial Intelligence for people detection – system can automatically detect, calculate number of and indicate where there are human bodies in the X-ray image displayed.

  • Simple operation – user friendly graphical user interface allows easy operation even for basic of trained personnel.

  • High throughput – The complex is able to scan and quickly analyse the content of vehicles in the high traffic flow with a drive-through operation mode. Low-energy scanning of the passenger vehicle or truck cabin allows driver and passengers to remain in the vehicle while scanning, significantly increasing the overall security throughput, override additional driver and passenger boarding/unboarding and walking outside protection zone.

  • Radiation safety – low-radiation-dose technology, in combination with the effective X-ray passive and active safety systems, guarantee certitude for vehicle drivers, passengers, system operators and bystanders.

  • High-quality X-ray images – system can ensure high spatial resolution, detection and contrast sensitivity. As well Low-Energy X-ray screening have better wire resolution, that allow to obtain images of low-density objects with better quality.

  • Superior Service - We strive to achieve superior service through an active work culture and the effective integration of people, processes and technology.

 The three projection X-ray scanner can be used at seaports, traffic control points, customs.