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School Bags X-ray Screening

Dozens of school shootings occur each year in the United States

A total of ten such tragedies occurred in the U.S. in 2020, killing 12 people. The most recent shooting occurred in Idaho on May 7 2021. A sixth-grade student shot two children and a school employee. The armed girl was neutralized before she fatally wounded anyone. Her motives were not reported by the media. In 2019, there were 25 such cases - two and a half times as many, and the number of victims reached 51. But the drop in the death is not a result of significant progress that has been made in solving the problem, but the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and remote learning.

To combat this problem and to ensure a sufficient level of security in schools, we offer our proven solutions based on the line of LINEV Group X-ray baggage scanners:


[LV] BV STREAM X-ray unit is a unique solution with an integrated AI system for the automatic detection of prohibited objects such as firearms and their parts, knives, ammunition. When a threat is detected, the AI system automatically stops the search by blocking the threat inside the scanner so that the intruder cannot take advantage of this during apprehension.

AI system allows to reduce operator's workload and at the same time to increase the efficiency and capacity of the checkpoint. It is also worth noting the unique look of the scanner with indication system, which is designed to reduce the stress of screening children and teenagers, as well as fit perfectly into the interior of the school.

[LV] BV STREAM modifications

[LV] BV 5030CA

[LV] BV 5030CA is compact X-ray system with a foldable touch screen monitor and the ability to quickly and reliably organize an inspection station at the entrance to educational institutions and flexibly manage the number of scanners at the entrance. It is worth noting that this model uses an X-ray source with a reduced mode of 100 kV, which reduces the radiation dose during screening and provides greater operational safety. The software features available help the operator to reliably and quickly detect threats, increasing the throughput of the inspection point. For this purpose, auto-detection of suspicious objects such as explosives, guns, drugs, etc. is available.