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LINEV Systems Continues to Impress at Asia INTL Li-ion Battery Recycling Summit 2023

The recently concluded Asia INTL Li-ion Battery Recycling Summit 2023 in Singapore witnessed a surge in interest surrounding lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles. Among the array of cutting-edge technologies on display, LINEV Systems stood out with its revolutionary approach to battery recycling.

Our approach goes beyond simple integration – we implement an embedded system that becomes an integral part of the global lifecycle of batteries, as demonstrated by our innovative BATTERAY technology unveiled at the summit. This process involves numerous companies, even those not directly engaged in recycling. Companies dealing with automotive batteries, their development, or implementation recognize that our product underscores the value of ecology in their specific areas of operation.

The persistence of our comprehensive environmental responsibility approach continues to resonate, particularly among manufacturers grappling with battery production and disposal challenges. LINEV Systems maintains its leading position, providing a sustainable solution that harmonizes with the industry's ever-evolving ethos.