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Smart Innovation

LINEV Research & Innovation Center is where the innovations of the future are created. It is a physical “place”, and an emotional “space” that encourages employees to realize their full potential, develop innovative high-tech solutions for clients around the world, and become leaders of the future.

The Research & Innovation Center has developed a unique operating model that is based on four key components:

Innovation management system
Key competencies on innovative technologies such as nuclear physics and machine learning
Patents and proprietary know-how
Our corporate values and culture

To ensure we get the best results fast, the Center uses the latest innovation processes and techniques to make the most out of our competencies, including:

  • Design thinking;
  • Agile development, design and prototyping;
  • Agile and lean production;
  • Fast creation of a Minimum Viable Product;
  • Remote monitoring of the entire product lifecycle based on AI.

Unique innovation ecosystem
30 years in business
1000+ employees
260+ R&D Center
4 offices
200 + projects