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Full-body Forensic X-ray Imaging

In 2019, Linev Group introduced the forensic body scanner FOBOS XR to the market, which is a unique technical solution for forensic pathologists based on patented x-ray scanning technology.

The scanner allows specialists to use the method of non-invasive autopsy and examination of the human body, including internal organs, and decide whether it is necessary to dissect the body in each case, as well as to ascertain the cause of death.


FOBOS XR is a stationary diagnostic digital radiology forensic system. The system is designed to acquire whole-body digital X-Ray images of bone structures and soft tissues. The system allows to capture of both AP and lateral scans. FOBOS is a task-oriented system designed to be used in morgues and forensic centers.


The Forensic Body Scanner FOBOS XR is a convenient tool, with its help a Forensic Pathologist can often indirectly determine the cause of death – whether it was violent or not, as well as to conclude whether a physical autopsy is necessary.

FOBOS XR provides a full-body view at any angle in the range from 0 to 90 degrees in a scan time of only 13 seconds. The system provides diagnostic image quality with high spatial resolution, an image quality that has no equivalent quality among competitors.

FOBOS XR | Full Body Forensics Radiography  


FOBOS can provide very high-resolution images showing inclusions down to to 0.1 mm and changes in the structure of tissues and bones. All this information allows the doctor to form a picture when establishing an optimum diagnosis for that cadevar, up to the rejection of the traditional physical autopsy procedure.

The system has a lifting rechargeable table with a load capacity of up to 350 kg (a parameter important for the US market due to the large number of overweight people) and an adjustable platform height for the convenience of loading bodies onto it and moving them to the scanner. The scanning view is provided at any angle – from 0 to 90 degrees.

The Forensic Pathologist always has access to the database saved by the system, by surname, date, and/or a series of linked images to return to them at any time if necessary and edit, add images from a different angle etc.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Automatic acquisition of full-body overview images without moving or touching the body
  • Motorized drives Radiation protection cabin Oblique views – AP scan (0%) and Lateral scan (90%)
  • Extremely High X-ray Image — resolution of the image is 2,5-line pairs per mm.
  • High penetration capability bodies (up to 550 lbs).
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Auto acquisition full-body images reduce time as much as 80%.
  • The better resolution provides faster and more accurate exams.
  • No more readjusting the body with a multi-angle scan range
  • Patented shutter design allows a greater number of exposures, reduces services costs.


The system takes up a minimum of space and saves time for the forensic pathologist, making it possible to quickly obtain an image and conduct an initial examination.

It should be noted one advantage of FOBOS is that the high speed of the system and continuous scanning capability increases efficiency and dramatically reduces the time to undertake an autopsy. In the event of a mass casualty incident this can allow a rapid accurate response to the situation.

The LINEV Group is a globally recognizable brand with an excellent reputation that solves the problems of its customers in the shortest possible time with cost-effective solutions. Among other things, we remains very flexible and are always ready to customize our products according to the wishes of our customers, to work with them individually.