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Our Cutting-Edge Technologies

We are on the cusp of a new era of disruptive technologies.

LINEV Group has set itself the ambitious task of making a significant contribution to global efforts to effectively address some of the big problems of our time – such as waste disposal. Our latest technology for sorting used batteries helps reduce the environmental footprint by cutting the use of some of the most hazardous metals,and this is just one of our latest technologies.

Another one is our unique AI competence, backed by numerous patents, which has enabled us to embark on a broad integration of AI technology into many of our solutions. Bringing cutting-edge technologies to the market to handle our customers’ issues and improve the safety, health and security of society is what we do.

How we bring new technologies to the market

Improving healthcare, human safety and the quality of life calls for the development of new capabilities that disrupt the ongoing evolutionary improvement processes.

Vladimir Linev
Vladimir Linev
Innovate the Future – from ideas to solutions, to creating value for our customers and society that exceeds their expectations. This is more than just a slogan for our employees – it is a business process of the innovative activities of LINEV Group, a self-developing and self-organizing innovation ecosystem.

Whenever a prospective customer contacts us to buy products or develop customized solutions to their challenges, we approach them as a unique partnership.

In our fast and turbulent time, challenges are constantly modified, and new ones keep popping up. As such, each problem deserves an individualized solution. In fact, we do not have a sales department, which makes it possible for a customer to work directly with the employees of the business department.

Each challenge is a unique project for us, and an opportunity for us to exceed expectations. It’s not just a slogan, but a process in our self-organizing innovation ecosystem.