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LINEV Research & Innovation

LINEV Research & Innovation is a key bridge in our innovation ecosystem connecting us to the customers whose problems we are trying to solve.

Our mission is to bring forward new capabilities that ensure safety and a higher quality of human life through innovative high-technology solutions exceeding our customer's expectations.

We should encourage our customers and visitors to switch to a different way of thinking, from a purely logical and rational perspective to creative and innovative, and to be ready to undertake thought experiments with us to discover and implement innovative ideas.

Customer-focused innovation creates new opportunities and solutions that can exceed their expectations.
Vladimir Linev
Founder of Linev Group

It creates a synergistic effect – encouraging employees to fulfill their maximum potential, become leaders and develop innovative high technology solutions for customers worldwide.

This is where innovations of the future are created.

From ideas to solutions – design thinking allows us to understand the customer's problem and visualize the solution as early as possible so that employees can turn it into a prototype that customers can interact with.

Design Thinking

Such an agile approach accelerates development cycles. Our disruptive “tunnel-style” rapid development business process overcomes potential barriers and shortens the time allows only 6–8 months to create a new product.

Rapid prototyping is central to our research-driven culture because it’s not easy to turn an innovative idea into a real product. LINEV Research & Innovation equipped with state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing technologies, advanced industrial equipment and has an experienced team of engineers who can very quickly turn a design into a real product as well as assemble, customize and test a prototype in our accredited laboratory.

LINEV Fast Product Prototyping

The AI algorithms make our innovative solutions smart. As experts in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we use our multi-year experience and dedicated know-how to provide you with the software solutions tailored to your specific needs.