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Inmates Mattresses Inspection

Prison Cells Contraband Detection

This customer-focused solution was created following requests of US prison and jail security authorities asking for an effective tool to search and detect a contraband hidden in mattresses. Universal solutions based on using a simple baggage inspection system had some negative issues including lower detection effectiveness. Six months later LINEV Group has developed and proposed the unique product to the market. This movable and highly versatile device was the first system designed specifically to address the problem of detention system contraband. It was created to eliminate the need to fold mattresses to fit into conventional X-ray inspection systems making inspection fast and easy and to rise the detection rate.

[LV] BV M.A.X. was developed as a compact mobile conveyor type X-ray screening system for fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates' personal property. Due to the compact design and special wheels it can be easily relocated and deployed wherever the security inspection is needed and it will easily fit through most of standard interior doorways.

BV M.A.X. - Mattresses Inspection System

[LV] BV M.A.X. has also full baggage scanner functionality and is able to inspect mail and personal property.

Human body X-ray scanning for identifying some highly undesirable objects or substances has become critically important in view of terrorist threats. Security applications may include prevention of smuggling of drugs, precious stones and metals, as well as provision of the security at airports, banks, embassies, nuclear power centers, prisons and other high-risk locations. X-ray luggage examination in airports is currently the most efficient way to provide security of flights. X-ray examination is also used in prisons for visitor's access control.

However, mattresses of the prison inmates are still routinely checked and searched for presence of weapons and illegal substances manually. The inmates are ordered to leave their cells and the guards perform a manual search of their cells, which includes a manual inspection of the mattresses being the most likely a hiding place for weapons or drugs. In some institutions, inmates are ordered out of the cells with their mattresses rolled up for inspection (or scanning) in a special area.

This is inconvenient and inefficient. A special portable mattress X-ray scanner, which can be brought into the ward for scanning the mattresses, would make the job of the prison officers more convenient and efficient.

Objects Suitably Inspected by [LV] BV MAX

  • Prison mattresses
  • Personal belongings

A similar issue exists when inmates are being transferred from one floor to another or routinely shifted to another block. The inmates have to move with mattress and all belongings they might have and, again, the inspection of the mattresses needs to be carried out.

LINEV Group BV MAX Mattress Scanner X-ray Image
[LV] BV MAX X-ray image example

[LV] Main advantages

  • Compact and mobile product
  • Cost effective solution
  • Accurate object inspection
  • Material discrimination

The system can be rolled into a facility, ward, floor or block of cells, for efficiently scanning the inmates' mattresses and for automatically detecting weapons or illegal substances hidden within the mattresses. Also the machine can be deployed in the mattress processing or storage compartment to insure that no prohibited items are being transferred no matter intentionally or not. The approach explained above is suitable for other institutions such as detention centers, homeless shelters, orphanages, etc., where a high risk of contraband of illegal items exists.

LINEV Group - BV MAX NDT Solution for Car Doors Inspection

Customer-focused NDT solution

Due to the mobile flexibility of the solution and its tunnel dimensions, the system could be used for other purposes, like NDT screening of the flat items at the factories or other industrial facilities.

Other Objects Could be Inspected by [LV] BV MAX

  • Vehicle parts (doors, etc.)
  • Electronic devices (TV, monitors, laptops, etc.)
  • Packages, parcels and letters
  • Paintings and art objects
  • Other flat objects of different purpose