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Project Portfolio

The LINEV Group project portfolio is the source of innovation, the Perpetuum Mobile of our Innovation Ecosystem.

Our project portfolio is balanced 30/30/30/10 and reflects the corporate strategy focused on four innovation horizons:

Incremental innovation (30%)

Innovations, aimed at continuous improvement of existing products to increase their market value.

Architectural innovation (30%)

Innovations, aimed at changing the overall design and key components of products to address a customer's problem whilst exceeding their expectations. These are usually completely new markets.

Disruptive innovation (30%)

Innovations, aimed at creating fundamentally new technologies and products that are an effective alternative to products that already exist in the market.

Radical (breakthrough) innovation (10%)

Innovations, aimed at creating a new product, process, or service with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

Our ecosystem business model is a platform for creativity of every employee, as it provides a unique opportunity to use an unlimited number of resources, processes and digital technologies for the practical implementation of breakthrough, disruptive and revolutionary innovative ideas aimed at solving the problems of users and society in the field of health, safety and improving the quality of human life.

The innovation ecosystem became a center for information and technology exchange, an integrator, which makes it possible to develop in a non-linear exponential manner. The digital transformation of the innovation ecosystem included a plan to maintain the leading position in the market in the long term, continuously scaling the business to provide customers with competitive products in a timely manner.