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Smart Manufacturing

LINEV GROUP smart manufacturing is a new generation of flexible smart manufacturing systems, the innovation of the future. With the least interference, the smart factory is able to rapidly adjust to schedule and product changes.

All of the innovations, which belong to the companies are now linked together into a single network and value chain thanks to the digital platform. We can produce and assemble the most complex high-tech products. Thanks to our cutting-edge manufacture and technology we include the most recent mechanics and electronics. It has become an essential component of our innovation ecosystem.

From a concept to a functioning prototype as fast as 6-9 months

Our rapid prototyping and small series factories are equipped with modern prototyping and manufacturing technologies, industrial equipment, and a talented, experienced group of engineers who can swiftly turn a design concept into a real product. A feasible prototype of an innovative idea normally takes between 6-9 months to create, depending on how complicated the product is.

The real strength of the smart factory comes from its capacity to develop and expand along with the changing demands of the innovation ecosystem - whether it is new product or service development, shifting clients' demand, specifications for multiple marketplaces, or simply more anticipated and agile tackles to operations.

Since the COVID pandemic started, many businesses have faced with problems in their supply chains, however our high-tech, full-cycle manufacturing and vertical integration has allowed us to reliably continue creating innovative products directly.