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Smart Manufacturing

LINEV Group smart manufacturing is a new generation of flexible smart manufacturing systems, the innovation of the future. The smart factory can flexibly adapt to schedule and product changes with minimal intervention.

The digital platform has connected all business units of the innovation ecosystem into a single network and value chain. This state-of-the-art technology and equipment allows us to manufacture and assemble the most sophisticated high-tech products, comprised of the latest mechanics and electronics. It has become a key component of our innovation ecosystem.

From an idea to a working prototype within 6-9 months

Our rapid prototyping and small series factories are equipped with advanced prototyping and manufacturing technologies, industrial equipment, and an experienced team of engineers who can turn a design solution into a real product very quickly. Depending on the complexity of the product, it typically takes between 6-9 months to go from an idea all the way to a working prototype of a novel solution.

The true strength of the smart factory lies in its ability to evolve and grow along with the changing needs of the innovation ecosystem - whether it is developing new products or services, changing consumer demand, the requirements of different markets, or simply more predictable and flexible approaches to operations.

While many companies have struggled with supply chain challenges since the COVID pandemic began, our high-tech, full-cycle manufacturing and vertical integration has enabled us to reliably continue to create innovative products in no time.