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ICBR 2023: Battery sorting & extraction from LINEV Systems

LINEV Systems participated in the International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR) 2023, which serves as the international platform for addressing the challenges faced by the Battery Recycling Industry on a global scale. For many years, ICBR has brought together an international community of experts and decision-makers across the entire Battery Recycling value chain, including battery recyclers and manufacturers, collection organizations, OEMs, policymakers, materials and service providers, and more.
Participation in this year’s congress was particularly successful for our company. During the event, we showcased two new, unique systems: BATTERAY X, an automatic lithium battery extraction system, and BATTERAY, an automatic six-channel battery sorting system. These solutions generated significant interest among the congress participants.

Since 2017, our team has been diligently exploring the potential of X-ray technology to tackle the challenge of classifying and identifying various types of used batteries. This journey led to the development and production of BATTERAY, an innovative X-ray system designed specifically for sorting portable waste batteries. BATTERAY represents a powerful and versatile solution for the precise identification of diverse battery types.

Furthermore, we have engineered the BATTERAY WD X-ray detection system, which serves as a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for the automated detection of Li-Ion batteries in waste materials. This system features high-precision X-ray detectors that guarantee dependable detection of Li-ion batteries while minimizing false alarms. With a simple press of a button on the operator interface, you are effortlessly equipped to identify Li-Ion batteries or any other objects potentially harboring hazardous components within them.

Participation in ICBR 2023 has been a series of productive talks and meetings that will provide a strong foundation for further cooperation. Our team also met long-term partners and established many promising contacts.