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EV Battery Recycling & Reuse 2023 US Conference

LINEV Systems US will participate in EV BATTERY RECYCLING & REUSE 2023 Exhibition and Conference, where leading automotive companies will meet with battery recycling experts in Detroit, Michigan, to explore end-of-service battery recycling and repurposing initiatives for the next generation of electric vehicle batteries.

LS events EV battery recycling 2023 LS events EV battery recycling 2023

The automotive industry is fast-evolving with its rapid growth in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles. With earlier developed EV batteries now approaching the end-of-life for their automotive usefulness, and recent geopolitical disturbances have disrupted the supply chain of key battery minerals, it is now increasingly important to address the economic, environmental, and strategic benefits of recycling and repurposing spent batteries and to establish a circular economy.