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Body Searching for Contraband Webinar

On the 27th October LINEV Systems UK hosted and supported an educational webinar on Body Searching for Contraband. This webinar had presentations from Dave Guppy who has 30+ years’ experience in the detection of threats and he went through the technology that can be used and their benefits and limitations, health & safety of X-ray technology by Dr Radu Vasilache a radiation specialist who described how safe X-ray technology is, important human rights aspects from Professor Tom Daems from the Leuven Institute of Technology, and a section from Graeme Mckie from the UK MoJ on how LINEV Systems UK X-ray body scanners are being used by the UK MoJ to detect and deter contraband such as drugs, weapons, mobile phones, and more entering male prisons in England & Wales.

This webinar was very well attended and praised by the attendees for it’s educational approach and informative presentations by the speakers.

The video of the webinar is available for viewing so please contact for a link. LINEV Systems UK look forward to hosting more webinars such as this in the future.