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Historical background

The very idea of inspection of a person for hidden contraband appeared 24 years after the discovery of X-rays. In April 1919, an article appeared in the popular science magazine Electrical Experimenter describing the possibility of inspection of workers in the diamond mines of South Africa.
image description
Vladimir Linev
Vladimir Linev
Founder of Linev Group
«Obviously if such a search was organized at that time and at that science level, the personnel department would have to work 24/7 in search of new employees to replace the sick among both workers and the security staff. Modern knowledge brough much more safety to the inspection process with much more distinct detection result».

From ideato prototype


In 1990 the movie «Total Recall» starring Schwarzenegger has inspired Mr. Linev, (who was at that time CEO and General Director of ADANI and ADANI Systems, Inc. companies, the predecessors of today’s LINEV Group) to create the first full-body security X-ray screening system.

From fiction
to reality

In the movie, Schwarzenegger's hero undergoes an “X-ray inspection” at the customs and border control zone and the system easily and automatically detects hidden firearm under his clothes. This idea was very impressing, and the first ADANI X-ray body scanner was set to development and within 9 years the technology was invented and developed, and the device appeared on the market.

image description
«Total Recall» movie.

More to invent

Twenty years later, Mr. Linev added another unbeatable fantastic movie option to his systems – A-Eye Artificial Intelligence systems of automatic detection of drugs and threats including weapons almost similar to the one presented in that movie.


The first customer

Serial number 001

As a product, CONPASS with serial number 001 was installed in Angola in 1999 at the CATOCA diamond mine.

A bird
A bird's eye view of the CATOCA diamond mine.

the first problem resolved

The first customer problem solved by CONPASS system was surprisingly not a weapon detection but diamond thefts. Actually, physical and strip-search methods in 1990s and even now are inefficient, particularly if diamonds are hidden inside the human body.

CATOCA diamond mine
CATOCA diamond mine.

additional benefits of COnPASS

Mr. Linev and his company have developed and updated the best method to detect them – the screening with X-ray. In comparison with fantastic movies or old magazines, actual ADANI devices were focused not only on fast and effective threat detection but also on low radiation scanning level in order to provide personal health safety, so it became possible to inspect workers more often and with much better effectiveness.


20 years of cooperation

Today first CONPASS units are still working to a high standard. During more than 20 years of cooperation with CATOCA the CONPASS units installed there have made over 1 million scans. These have significantly helped preventing the large number of thefts. While visiting ADANI in 2019, the representatives of CATOCA were happy to confirm their desire to continue such long-lasting business relations.

The CATOCA delegation with a visit to Minsk
The CATOCA delegation with a visit to Minsk.

superiority over competitors

Thus Mr. Linev proved his invention and become the first person who patented the X-ray Full Body Screening System.

CONPASS X-ray personal inspection scanner is the one of the most important products of the company. By the number of installations in the world, the CONPASS scanner exceeds the solutions of all competitors united. It became not only the disruptive manifesto of ADANI to the world but the origin and father of all the following product series.


Securityin prisons

New challenges
and new solutions

For example, in early 20th ADANI was focusing on US correctional security alerts: dramatic rise of prison violence with the use of razors and blades brought to prison by a contraband. Otis Bantum Correctional Center on Rikers Island and other detention and correctional centers contacted ADANI and discussed this issue of high security importance.

Otis Bantum Correctional Center on Rikers Island
Otis Bantum Correctional Center on Rikers Island.


The problem appeared when prisoners were trying to bring small and thin objects into the correctional facility in body cavities and succeeded in this because installed inspection systems were not as good in detecting very small items hidden inside the human bodies.

The result
is a new solution

As a result, in 2016 ADANI invented, patented and brought to the market the new real Dual View body scanner – the first body scanner which could produce two X-ray images of the object from two different angles, what dramatically raised the positive detection level.

The demensions of the apparatus are relative to the size of person.

unofficial prison security standard

CONPASS DV became unofficial prison security standard in US and the brand CONPASS appeared to become a household name.



customer's problem

Mr. Linev and his company were always at the edge of customers’ problems and requirements solving to be two steps ahead of the competition. The problem which was described by European customs helped to create another product in CONPASS family.

The task was to find a solution of a reasonable price with no loss to the effectiveness to inspect cross-border roads detecting drug trafficking and firearms contraband.

The picture is for illustrative purposes only.

The result
of successful

The result of the successful work was MIP CONPASS – a van-based Mobile Inspection Point with a body scanner on board able to operate in any weather and resistant to transportation conditions.

Positive customer ratings

Trailer-based solution of the same objective was positively assessed by US correctional customers driving between the high security locations and the police aiming to provide maximum security to different sports facilities and mass gathering. Adding the baggage inspection system to the MIP later, gave even more flexibility to the customer solving his problem twice.

The demensions of the apparatus are relative to the size of person.

new productson the market

new features

The modern challenges and modern technologies gave CONPASS family a powerup. Latest CONPASS SMART series are powered with A-Eye Artificial Intelligence autodetection software algorithms and DruGuard drug detection software which help operators to detect threats and contraband more efficiently.

and new look

CONPASS SMART series received a new design and inside engineering and became powerful product positively reviewed by customers. It has also a smart construction which could be easily disconnected in case of the need in fast relocation.


valuable customers
from UK

The most valuable input into CONPASS SMART brough the UK Ministry of Justice with its special requirements which pushed CONPASS SMART TR (Torso View) which was developed within a very short period from customer’s idea to the final product which solves all the customers problems.

clearpass -
the new opportunities

The next level in CONPASS family was taken with the new requirements received from the US customers. A movable platform in some cases was impossible to implement and the new, static design was requested.


As a result, the team developed within a very short time the very new product which received the technical name CLERPASS. It has a wide portal able to screen a wheelchair, no movable platform and same high quality of X-ray image alongside with all AI software inside. Beside this, CLEARPASS appeared to be the fastest scanner able to make an image in 3 seconds what is very important for the facilities with high loaded checkpoint traffic.

compact and effective

Currently CLEARPASS COMPACT solution is under development — the system having smaller footprint and overall dimensions which will fit most locations, even those having lack of free space what is quite important for prison security sector.

The CONPASS story is yet to be told…




Facts about conpass

1999 Angola
1999 South Africa
2003 Poland
2005 Singapore
2005 Zimbabwe
768 USA
72 UK
58 KSA
34 Russia
32 Kazakhstan
184 World