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The future is already here! Meet our brand-new product line

What is innovation? Definitely, it is something that fundamentally changes the things we are used to, something that changes the approach to the already established principles of interaction with technology, something that makes the future real. We are proud to present our new product line - INNOVATE THE FUTURE and its solutions marked as IF. The future is already here, and you can touch it today.

The first product of the new product line is the IF 6045 baggage X-ray security system, which incorporates our advanced software developments, state-of-the-art technology and combines them with bold design solutions. We can safely say that the IF 6045 made for the inspection of luggage, bags, backpacks, medium-sized mail items is one of the leading solutions on the market.

The wide range of colors allows the unit to fit almost any interior (colors are also available to meet the needs of users). Speaking of design, we can't help but mention the new ergonomic keyboard with a built-in touchpad, protected according to IP43 standards. It significantly increases the comfort level of interaction with the machine and reduces strain on the wrists, allowing the operator to focus on the X-ray image rather than on the controls.
Also, our engineers were able to implement one of their bold ideas in the machine - modular layout of the unit components, which greatly simplifies installation, maintenance and warranty repair. Now you don't have to disassemble the machine completely - just replace a unit, which reduces downtime by several times. But that's not all – our service engenders no longer need to be physically present to diagnose the equipment. The software automatically gathers all the necessary information and sends it to the company's technicians in case of failure. If the failure cannot be eliminated remotely, the service center engineer will go to the site already prepared, which will allow him to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

All the same software products that we use in the luggage scanners of the BV series are available for the IF 6045. Namely, based on atomic number recognition of dangerous objects, artificial intelligence algorithms and neural networks. These technologies allow to reduce the influence of the "human factor" when threats are missed due to operator fatigue. But even here we've worked to improve the recognition capabilities - the algorithms are now trained on images of real objects from the DSA Detection Threat library.

The baggage scanner can be used in different cases: at border crossings, in prisons and correctional facilities, to secure concerts, rallies and other crowded places, in schools.