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Prioritizing Patient and Medical Professional Safety: The Development of Flaw Detector FlowD 8020

For over 20 years we have been developing innovative high-tech solutions, including the medical ones. During this time, health of patients and medical professionals have been the top priority for us.flowd_xray2.jpg

After discussions with radiology experts, we were concerned about the difficulties that medical personnel had faced during regular quality checks of their X-ray personal protective equipment (like e.g. vests, skirts, surgical aprons, patient covers).

Active use of X-ray personal protective clothing can cause their protective material to deteriorate, leading to potential risk of the X-Ray exposure to the medical professionals and patients. Existing methods for checking this clothing are often imperfect, time-consuming, and don’t provide a clear picture of the protective clothes condition.

To address these issues, we have developed FlowD, the world’s first digital solution for checking personal protective clothes and materials in terms of evaluating the radiation protection. It allows for efficient and accurate analysis of radiation protection material during regular checks.